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Bilge Fires:
Due to serious recent fires from boats at other marinas we must put into place  precautionary requirements at Tellico  Marina.  In every case, these fires and explosions were caused from gas fumes in the bilge being ignited from household heaters or electric tools.  Gasoline fumes are heavier than air and do not dissipate simply by opening the hatch.  In order to diminish this risk, our requirements are now as follows:

No owner or mechanic is permitted to perform any repair or maintenance in the bilge area of a boat at Tellico Marina Marina without first notifying the Harbormaster of the boat location and scope of such work.  Work involving electric tools may need an auxiliary exhaust and/or necessitate moving the boat to an isolated slip.

Pump out:
It is a violation of our policy and that of First Utility District, as well as State and Federal Law to introduce hydrocarbons into the sewer system.   Oil, grease, and gas are harmful to our pumps, the District’s sewage treatment system, and the environment, since it is not treated or dissolved. 

No owner should ever be using the pump-out hose in his bilge area.  Nor shall any mechanic be permitted to use the pump-out system at any time or for any reason.  If you see this happening, please let us know so we are able to keep the system available for your normal discharge. 

We have a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for all serious safety and environmental issues, of which violation may be cause for lease termination or prosecution by applicable authorities. (Owners:  please remember to tell your mechanics of this requirement so they will not be restricted from returning to work at the Marina.)




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